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Benefit from 42 years of experience and over 150,000 more confident patients.

Doctors working in the Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute operate in Western clinics (Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva and Paris). The Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute brings in Romania medical services at international standards and at affordable prices.


Advanced manual Q-FUE technique

Our Q-FUE technique is an improved FUE (follicular unit extraction) intervention. The main goal is the 100% natural appearance and the maximum possible thickening. Hair follicles are individually extracted and implanted back into problem areas.

Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute – Romania

Over time, more than 150,00 patients from the U.S. to Dubai and Europe have chosen Q-FUE for the perfect technique and extraordinary results. Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute guarantees the success of your hair transplant!

I read that good looking employees currently receive better salaries. I found this myself after I made a hair implant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute. Thank you!

Cornel Prisacaru, Project Manager

Thanks to Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute physician team. Thanks to you, I’m back in business. I am 54 years old and I have done a hair transplant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant, the only representative of Q-FUE in Romania. Now I’m 15 years younger .

Cristian Stoica, Psychologist