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Dr. Felix Hair Implant medical team is based solely on physicians who specialized in Q-FUE technique in London.

Over time, more than 300 doctors were trained in this Academy, doctors that are recognized worldwide for faultless professionalism. Many famous names such as Wayne Rooney, Roger Johnson, English football players and male supermodels, chose doctors that were trained in this technique.

The medical team assigned to clinics in Romania, is also working in clinics in Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris. It was our goal also to bring western quality in Romania.

For patients in Romania, this system gives access to top international medical interventions. Today any Romanian can benefit by the affordable quality guaranteed by Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute.

Medical Director
Dr. Felix Popescu
Q-FUE Specialist

I read that good looking employees currently receive better salaries. I found this myself after I made a hair implant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute. Thank you!

Cornel Prisacaru, Project Manager

Thanks to Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute physician team. Thanks to you, I’m back in business. I am 54 years old and I have done a hair transplant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant, the only representative of Q-FUE in Romania. Now I’m 15 years younger .

Cristian Stoica, Psychologist