Q-FUE hair implant, Bucharest, Romania

Intervention – hair implant within Dr. Felix Hair Implant Clinic through the Q-FUE technique.

Norwood 3A

37 years old patient

Without previous interventions

Evolution from 0 to 6 months

Implanted grafts – 2250

Implanted hairs – 4455

Ratio – 1.98

Technique – Q-FUE

Clinic– Hair Implant Institute

The 37 years old patient underwent a hair implant intervention within the clinic in Bucharest.

The hair implant was realized in order to restore the front line by filling the latero-frontal parts. The patient wanted a lowered front line and a natural look.

before the hair implant

Extraction was performed on two consecutive days as result of a somehow difficult donor area. In the first stage high “ratio” grafts (3 or four hairs grafts) were implanted at a suitable distance from the front line, followed in the second stage by the implantation of grafts with two, and one hair respectively. The natural appearance is largely given by the real implantation angle of about 30 degrees, using the Q-FUE Implanter.

The grafts were uniformly extracted from donor areas, without scars or bleeding. The whole procedure was manual and was performed by a Q-FUE certified doctor specialized in hair transplantation.

The Q-FUE medical team is the same one that operates in Amsterdam and Berlin.

The donor area, about three days after hair transplant completion, is almost healed, without any visible mark, and without dressing. The dressing is removed the next morning.

Donor area after 3 days

First shower was made on the third day both in the implantation area, and also in the back, in the donor area.

Starting from the third day, the patient was able to get back to work and resume his normal life.

On the 10th day after the hair implant performed in the Hair Implant Institute clinic, the implanted area was fully restored, and the hair grows at a natural angle and high density.

At 10 days from the implant

Starting with the end of the first month, around 40% of grafts shed the old hairs, leading to new growth at the end the erd month.

After 2 months, around 50% of hairs have grown

In the 6th month, over 80% of grafts are emerging, while the remaining 20% are to appear in the coming weeks. The look is natural both in terms of growth angle, and of density.

After 6 months from the Q-FUE implant

Hair transplant operation through Q-FUE technique is the most natural and noninvasive technique at the moment. The Hair Implant Institute, through Dr. Felix Hair Implant Romania, is the only clinic authorized to perform this technique in Romania.

before the implant

before the implant

before the implant

after 6 months

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Patient’s comment:

“I searched a lot to do a hair transplant. I visited all the clinics in Romania. I chose Dr. Felix Hair Implant and I’m glad for that. I am very pleased with the results, more than I expected.”

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