Learn about Q-FUE technique!

Learn about Q-FUE technique!

At Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute, each implant is considered a work of art. Here, we implant hair and we do it best. For more than 42 years and over 150,000 patients, we managed to perfect the FUE technique at the highest level. Using original and proprietary instruments and complex protocols both preoperative and intra- and postoperative, we manage to get 100% natural results in a maximum possible density.

For the patient, the recovery is instant, without scarring, pain or bleeding. The Q-FUE technique is the least invasive of all existing implant techniques and the most advanced one.

The first step

Schedule a visit to a Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute clinic.
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Your visit to the clinic
Start by meeting with a Q-FUE specialist certified doctor with whom you will discuss your problem and you will agree with on (the most appropriate) treatment strategy.

Step two

The next step is the intervention itself. It begins by trimming the occipital area where grafts (hair roots which may have one, two, three, four and even five hairs) are going to be sampled. Sampling manner of the donor area is the main difference from the Strip procedure. Unlike the Strip procedure where some consistent scalp is cut in order to be excised and stripped of grafts (leaving a huge scar), through Q-FUE technique each strand is individually extracted, without pain or subsequent scarring.

Donor area after an intervention through the Q-FUE technique

Post-surgery scar Strip

In conclusion, the recovery is much faster than the Strip procedure version (the recovery after a strip type surgery may even reach up to 6 months) and the healing is without scarring.

Step three

After sampling all the grafts needed by a Q-FUE specialist (the sampling is manually done for a greater care for each hair), it follows their implantation in depleted areas. The major difference from other currently existing methods consists in hair implantation in the desired
angle. Natural hair grows at an angle between 10 and 45 degrees. Classical Strip or FUE techniques implants by pricking the skin with a circular lance (which inevitably hurts existing hairs). The hairs coming out through conventional methods will grow at a 90 degrees angle, giving the classic look of a doll.

By the patented Q-FUE implanting device, hairs are implanted at a natural angle, giving the appearance of 100% natural hair, so even the most knowledgeable persons cannot say that an implant was made there. Yes, you deserve to know that Q-FUE is the only technique through which you can regain your hair and make it to look completely natural.

  Naturally looks good

At the Dr .Felix Hair Implant Institute we are very attentive to the natural appearance of the implant, so to rigorously make sure that the hairs are implanted rigorously in the ideal place and position. Our doctors are trained in this technique through an intensive program at the Academy in London.
Currently, the Q-FUE technique is more advanced than any other existing technique. Over those 42 years, Q-FUE was the solution for some important names from sheikhs to famous football players or TV stars.

I read that good looking employees currently receive better salaries. I found this myself after I made a hair implant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute. Thank you!

Cornel Prisacaru, Project Manager

Thanks to Dr. Felix Hair Implant Institute physician team. Thanks to you, I’m back in business. I am 54 years old and I have done a hair transplant at Dr. Felix Hair Implant, the only representative of Q-FUE in Romania. Now I’m 15 years younger .

Cristian Stoica, Psychologist